E-Learning Profile: NECA’s Inner Heroes

This year, Life Strategies Ltd. has supported the shifting of several programs into the e-learning space including ASPECT’s Values Based Leadership, CASE’s Supported Employment Job Development, IAC’s Transcultural Counselling, and NECA’s Inner Heroes facilitator training.

Each program has a distinctly different structure with unique requirements of the learner. Some are relatively short, self-paced courses centred around video contributions from industry leaders and topical experts in the field. Others are fully facilitated, interactive courses where cohorts of students progress and learn together in the e-learning space and formal assignments are required.

This month, we’ll profile NECA’s program.

After recently completing the pilot training, NECA plans to launch the Inner Heroes program in January. It is an inquiry-based course, where participants will learn through online readings, asynchronous discussions with classmates and instructor, and interactions with online tutorials and simulations. The first half of the course provides information on needs and values where an individual has the opportunity to discover the true self for the purpose of awakening their strengths and talents in life. The second half presents a plethora of career choices for Inner Heroes™ to consider, along with a focus on stress reduction, gifts, and mission statements. The course instructor will facilitate, guide, and advise and is available through posts on the course site and personal email.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the theoretical foundations, components, and applications of the Inner HeroesTM system
  • Deepen your understanding of the mind and behavior
  • Support clients, through applying the Inner HeroesTM system
  • Construct a facilitator plan for incorporating Inner HeroesTM into your existing (or envisioned) practice 

Learn more at: http://employmentcounseling.org/get-certified.html



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