November is Canada Career Month!

November is Career Month in Canada and this year's focus is celebrating the abundant skills Canadians bring to the labour market. Our existing workforce and those entering the labour market for the first time bring a diverse set of skills with them. Skills that were developed through education (formal or informal), employment, volunteerism, leisure, and life experiences. At times, it can be difficult to demonstrate our skills to others (perhaps especially to potential employers during interviews) in a powerful way.

The Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) invites Canadians from coast-to-coast to join the "I Know I Can Because.." challenge by sharing their story at Take a moment to reflect on what you know you can do and what experience proves that. Invite others in your network to share their stories, too.

Are you passionate about career development? If so, read more about becoming a Canada Career Month Champion. Help us spread the word about career development and support Canadians to recognize, articulate, and provide evidence of their skills.


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