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Administering and Interpreting Career Assessments
Administering and Interpreting Career Assessments
This course provides an overview of several assessment tools commonly used to facilitate career decision-making (i.e., tools that assess skills interests, values, and personal style), including assessment selection, administration, interpretation, and integration of results.  In addition, this course will consider the assessment process.  Participants in the course are expected to purchase a package of assessment tools for use during the course.  The focus of this course is on “A” level assessment tools (i.e., tools that do not require graduate level training in statistics and psychometrics). Commonly used “B” level assessment tools (i.e., those that require specialized training or a graduate degree in psychology) will also be introduced.  However, it is important to note that completion of this course will not qualify participants to administer/interpret “B” level assessment tools.

Required Text:
Shepard, B. C. & Mani, P. S. (Eds.) (2014). Career development practice in Canada. CERIC. (eBook or Print available from CERIC).*

Self-Assessment Tools/Tests:
Students will be provided an opportunity to complete a variety of self-assessment tools/test throughout the duration of this course. As such, a package of self-assessment tools/tests must be purchased separately upon course registration. Students will receive instructions to access the various tools/tests one week prior to the course start date. 

The package of self-assessment tools/tests available through our online store.

Optional Text:
Neault, R. (2012). Time to reflect: Understanding yourself (3rd ed.). Life Strategies. (eBook available from Life Strategies).**

*The Shepard & Mani (2014) textbook is a required reading throughout the Career Management Professional Program. Students taking individual courses, therefore, may only refer to a chapter or two; however, this resource is a wonderful addition to your professional toolkit.
**We recommend purchasing Neault, R. (2012). Career strategies for a lifetime of success (3rd ed). Life Strategies (PDF or print) if you’re completing a full certificate as it includes all “Time to” chapters.
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