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Career Engagement Tool
Career Engagement Tool
Life Strategies Ltd. has created three tools – individuals, leaders, and systems – to support using the Career Engagement model personally or with clients and/or your organization.

Individuals: Ideal for those seeking to reflect on their own Career Engagement, this tool supports individuals to look holistically at their own context, considering the dynamic interaction of challenge and capacity. For Career Development Professionals (CDPs), this tool is useful for working with clients throughout the career development process (e.g., needs assessment, exploration, action planning).

Influencers: Individuals are influenced by their “village” – their peers, parents/guardians, family members, educators, coaches, mentors, community elders, employers, etc. As these influencers play an important role in cultivating Career Engagement, this tool can support them in creating interventions, activities, programs, and services targeted at improving Career Engagement.

Systems: Embedding practices and policies rooted in Career Engagement principles at the organizational /systems level can help improve a variety of metrics beyond just “engagement.” This tool supports leaders to consider the impact of career engagement initiatives on productivity, satisfaction, and wellness, as well as to examine how career engagement fits with their strategic vision, corporate values, and customer/client satisfaction.

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